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Bookies HATE This 4-Step Online Sports
Betting Formula...
By Content Writer

Losing hurts…

Especially when that loss costs is expensive. The world of online sports betting is fun, lucrative... and stressful. To many losses will make you believe the bookies are out to get you, the whole system is rigged and nobody makes real money…

...Except there are lot’s of professional bettors who make a great living of sports betting.

Keep reading because you’re about to discover the hidden 4-step sports betting strategy the house doesn't want you to hear...

It’s called the “Smart Money Formula”. This is the same formula the pros use to win more bets while protecting their ASSets.

The 4-Step “Smart Money” Formula

Get Your Mind Right

Want to win consistently? You need to clear head. Betting under the influence impairs your judgement and leads to bad bets. Why do you think Vegas casinos offer free alcoholic drinks while you are gambling? Don’t drink and bet.

You also want to avoid getting too emotionally involved in your bets.

If you are angry or upset about something (like a couple bad bets)...don’t place a bet. Take a break and clear your head.

This step alone could show you immediate results.

Is your head clear? Once it is, we can talk about step 2.

Manage Your Bank

Why is it so important to keep a clear head when placing bets?

You have to be logical with your “bankroll”. If you can’t keep your money in your pocket for the long game you will never be consistently profitable.

Don't be like the guy that blows it all in a few bad bets, then not being able to bet again for a few weeks. Are you seeing how the pros stay in the game so long?

Instead, only play with the money you can afford to lose.

Set aside the money you can afford to play with for the week, month or even the entire season!

And never try to “win your money back” by chasing a loser with a bigger bet. This is bad for your mindset AND your bank account.

...but one thing that is GREAT for your bank account is the next step...

Do Your Homework

First you need the right mindset, then you need with a smart bankroll management, next it’s time to give yourself the unfair advantage…

Do your homework.

People that lose a lot go with their “hunches” a lot. They get emotionally attached and fall to prepare. That’s an amaterur move and it leads to amateur results...

If you're treating your betting like business then you can’t afford expensive “hunches”.

In order to profit from your betting you will need to research, study and do your homework on each pick you make.

Look at stats, trends, create betting systems, analyze games...basically anything to give yourself an advantage over your competition.

However, the one thing that sets this whole formula off is the next step. The final step of the “Smart Money Formula” is the key to more consistent profits with less risk.

Choose The Right One

This is often overlooked by beginners. This leads to bad decisions and lost money often times. From years of betting online at multiple online sportsbooks out there I’ve learned alot.

When you:

1. Clear your head
2. Have a low risk money management plan
3. Do your homework before placing your bets

Then, picking a safe trusted sportsbook to deposit your money and place your bets with is the final step in creating the ultimate sports betting strategy.

It's incredibly simple, yet so powerful the bookies and house don’t want you know it.

They want you to make bad high-risk decisions. That’s how THEY win more than they pay YOU. Make sense?

Unfortunately, choosing the right sportsbook requires lot’s of research and effort. If you want a shortcut, you need to see this...

Below, you will find our top betting site. Check it out for yourself and you will immediately see why it made the top of many professional better’s lists.


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  • Chris
    “Great article! Step 2 was always my biggest problem. When I started betting with money I could afford to lose everything became fun again and I even started winning more because I could afford to play more.”
  • Jared
    Never tried online betting before so I was nervous. I read your article and signed for a small account. Managed to win $100 my 1st day off a tiny investment. Money in the bank.
  • Isaac
    I can really relate to your story. I used to lose alot of money on my bets before I started following the type of strategies you describe in this formula. It makes a big difference. When you play smart you can have fun and make money at the same time. Congrats on the big win!

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